Robetta is a protein structure prediction service that is continually evaluated through CAMEO

Features include a relatively fast and accurate deep learning based method, TrRosetta, and an interactive submission interface that allows custom sequence alignments for homology modeling, constraints, local fragments, and more. It can model multi-chain complexes using comparative modeling and provides the option for large scale sampling. It uses the PDB100 template database, which is updated weekly, a co-evolution based model database (MDB), and also provides the option for custom templates. Computing resources are provided by the Baker lab and by volunteers from the distributed computing project Rosetta@home. You can help this service by joining Rosetta@home.

For more information please visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

Any feedback to help improve this service is greatly appreciated. You can submit feedback and bug reports using the form on our contact page.

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PDB templates last updated January 21 2021

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Users: 11942 Countries: 174 New users last week: 131 New jobs last week: 1002
New final models last week: 4563 Total models sampled last week: 7934580
Last updated January 24 2021 11:00

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